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Toastmasters (SALUT)

Undiscovered Campus Walks


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Marshall McLuhan Walking Tour
Self guided tour using a smartphone

A Tour of the Plant Biology Greenhouses

Goodbye Mr. Chips.
A tour of some of the oldest classrooms on campus.

Intimate Libraries.
A look at what little enclaves exist beyond the behemoth Robarts.

Public Sculptures
[pdf map of the walk]

Stained Glass Walk

Afternoon Fountain Walks
[pdf of the walk]

Hart House Tour
Explore a heritage building

Go Varsity | University College | Rooftop Gardens

Meet the Books

Tastes of the University


A series of lunch hour walks featuring some quirky and offbeat places on campus. These casual walk and talk events will tour the places that never feature in the guidebooks or brochures, yet sometimes make the grade as backdrops in Hollywood films


Thursday, June 13,18,19, 21 2019 01:10pm - 01:55pm
An Undiscovered Campus Tour: Soldiers’ Tower Carillon Bells

Friday, June 14, 2019 12:00pm - 01:00pm

Self guided tour using a smartphone

Marshall McLuhan Walking Tour

Meeting Place: The Faculty of Law, 78 Queen's Park


  1. Who can attend Campus Walks?
    Only staff and Faculty at UofT can attend.
  2. How long do the walks last?
    Most of the walks are during lunch time either from 12-1 or 1-2pm.
  3. Who do I contact for questions on recommending new tours around campus?
    Please contact Teresa Scannell at 416-978-5879