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Over the span of your career you have developed a portfolio of skills. This includes skills from your professional work, educational and even community experiences. At all stages in your career, early or middle, it is important to review your portfolio of skills and experience in order to contemplate your next steps, and plan action steps accordingly.

The following on-line skills assessment was developed to encompass the wide range of skills and administrative careers for staff at the University of Toronto. As you complete this assessment, you will realize the breadth of your skills and ideally discover areas of growth and career paths that may be suitable.

The results will help you to write your resume, cover letter and to prepare answers to interview questions. Additionally, you will be in a position to articulate your goals in a career development discussion with your supervisor and map out your development plans for the coming year.

This assessment is a self-rated instrument and therefore it is not a test of your abilities. You can choose to save the results on your own computer. Instructions for saving are detailed below. You can complete this assessment many times and there is no right or wrong response.

Making the most of your Summary Profile from above.

The following worksheet will aid you in maximizing the results of your skills assessment (Summary Profile), as well as providing you with some suggestions on identifying potential next steps in your career and skills development.