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ODLC consultants bring a broad range of experience and a collaborative approach to help you, as manager, solve organizational issues. Rosie Parnass at 416-978-8539.


Coaching & Consultation

What is coaching? Coaching involves one-on-one confidential discussions focused on achieving your goals. Goals could involve solving a problem; gaining clarity on your developmental plans; working through a change; utilizing your talents when managing a team.

Who can access the coaching and consulting services? Organizational Development & Learning Centre (ODLC) offers you, as manager or senior leader at the University, services to help you work effectively individually or to help your team reach its goals. ODLC services are available to all University departments at no charge.

What does the consulting service involve? ODLC consultants design programs to help team members develop their ability to work together effectively. During times of change or planning for the future or celebrating the end of a work cycle, ODLC consultants collaborate with you, as manager, to design and facilitate the process.

What our Clients say...

" The facilitator's work at the retreat was stellar. The outcome contributed greatly to the final report and reinvigorated our daily work."