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ODLC Course Guide

Please note these courses are for Staff, Affiliates of UofT only.

  • Business/Professional
    Topics designed to enhance the work of staff: written, spoken and cultural communications; time and change management; business and financial management; student-focus; customer service; problem solving.
  • Management
    Topics for staff who are team leaders, supervisors, managers or aspiring to those roles; project management, team building; supervision.
  • Career/Job Search
    Events to help staff develop their careers at the university, from job search, resumes, interviews, networking; and, managing all aspects of careers.
  • Work/Life
    Events for staff and faculty including: work, family, and personal life; flexible work arrangements; transitioning to retirement; and special events.
  • P/M Only
    Topics concerning managing in the University environment are offered for Professional/Managerial Levels 1-9.
    Courses on all topics are offered at UTM and UTSC.

    • ODLC course calendar - This is the main ODLC course Guide that combines all the above course selections in a calendar format. You can view them monthly, yearly and weekly. NOTE: Monthly and weekly view will show you past courses using the arrows.
    • View past ODLC courses for the year

ODLC computer Courses

  • MS Office 2010 | Windows 7
    We currently offer Microsoft 2010 Office Overview and Guide to Windows 7 upgrade at our In Class training this Summer. In Addition to the free tutorials in the lab for Office 2010/Win 7.
  • Web Design/Publishing
    We have updated our Adobe program to CS5. The calendar will be updated towards end of June 2011.

    • Past Computer course listings - The ODLC Instructor led computer courses are offered 3 times a year. Spring, Summer and Fall. See link for past courses that we offer.
    • If you want to develop your skills further after the in class courses, you can do computer tutorials for free at the Lab at ODLC. Please complete the Evaluations for the Computer courses you have just attended.

Other training

All training below is provided at no charge to departments.

AMS (Administrative Management Systems) CALENDAR

EHS (Environmental Health and Safety Training) - CPR and Standard First Aid

ODLC endorses the Toastmasters Club for U of T Appointed full-time staff, view