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There are fees for computer courses, courses taken by Affiliate/Casual staff, and for courses cancelled less than 3 full working days prior to the course date.

ODLC Courses Fee Policy

Computer ODLC Work-life AMS, Arbor,FIS No-Shows Cancellations
UofT Appointed Administrative staff $25 - 2 hrs
$45 - 3 hrs
$90 - 6 hrs
No Fees No Fees No Fees Fees
(see below)
No Fees
(cancel before session)
( incl.Casuals, Utemp)
$50 - 2 hrs
$100 - 3 hrs
$200 - 6 hrs
$50 - 2 hrs $100 - 3 hrs $200 - 6 hrs No Fees No Fees No Fees
(see below)
No Fees
(cancel before session)

Cancellations & No-Shows

Note: AMS/Usource/HRIS/Arbor & Work-Life courses are not subject to any cancellation fees. Please let trainers know if not attending before hand to accomodate others.

Course registrants have up to 3 full working days prior to the course date to cancel any course/session online without any financial penalty using button below. For last minute cancellations less than 3 full working days, or non-attendance, please email to Luke Pereira to be removed from the session and avoid a cancellation fee. Please use the cancel button to remove yourself from any session.



Affiliates are defined as staff at one of the U of T federated colleges (St.Michael, Victoria and Trinity college) or hospitals and UTEMP. To Register for courses at ODLC, find a course that you would like to attend and then please fill out the form under link (UofT Affiliate Registration) at the top of the register form page.



It is necessary for ODLC to change a course date or cancel a course.Every effort is made by ODLC to contact the registrant via phone or email. ODLC will not be held responsible if registrants cannot be contacted. It is highly recommended that staff check the Course Calendar on main page before attending a class in the event it has been canceled.