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Balanced Living Series

A 4-part series to incorporate balance, ease and flow into your life

Join us for one or more of the topics, or attend the entire series to create a sustained focus on enhancing your life in the coming months.

Today’s high-demand workplace culture can have an impact on your health and has been associated with an increased risk for certain health conditions, including insomnia, heart disease, obesity, stomach ulcers, depression, and more.

Each of the seminars in this 4-part series explores a specific topic, with the facilitator (a Naturopathic Doctor) engaging the audience to provide information and tools that can be put into practice immediately, and to open a dialogue to address the concerns specific to your job and lifestyle.

Available to UTM/UTSC via Adobe Connect. Click on the Register button and staff at UTM/UTSC will receive instructions a day prior to the session.

Session 1: MINDSET

Feb 14, 2019

12-1 p.m. Room 610 ODLC

Good-For-You-Stress: Building A Positive Stress Mindset

Stress is not all bad. Stress can enhance performance and growth, raise your energy levels, improve health, and lead to greater life satisfaction. BUT only if you have a positive stress mindset – seeing stress as a challenge, positive, health-enhancing state. This goes beyond positive thinking and having a good attitude. You will not only walk away from this session with tools to build a positive stress mindset, but will also leave with a transformed stress mindset with immediate changes to your cognition, emotional state and stress hormone levels.



Session 2: CALM

February 22, 2019

12-1 p.m. Room 610 ODLC

Relaxation Techniques: Practical Ways To Unwind

In these stressful times, it can be difficult to unwind, release the tension held in your muscles, and turn off the overactive, worrying mind. This highly interactive seminar will walk you through several techniques to trigger the relaxation response and calm the mind, including exercises for deep breathing, reducing anxiety and worry, triggering muscle relaxation, and keeping an uncluttered mind.



Session 3: BALANCE

March 26, 2019

12-1 p.m. Room 610 ODLC

Creating Balance: Walking The Thin Work-Life Line

The line between work and home life is becoming increasingly blurred. This can leave us feeling like we are working all the time & not fully engaged in our home lives, leading to overall dissatisfaction. In this seminar, we discuss how to build and maintain strong boundaries and clear priorities, cultivating a sense of balance and satisfaction in all areas of our lives.



Session 4: FLOW

April 30, 2019

12-1 p.m. Room 610 ODLC

In The Flow: Multitasking, Interruptions & Productivity

Interruptions and multitasking can reduce productivity by preventing “flow”. In this seminar, learn how the long-coveted multitasking mindset can negatively affect productivity and how interruptions can increase errors. We will discuss how working in the sweet-spot of “flow” can optimize productivity while making work seem easy and enjoyable. The actionable advice in this seminar will take your work habits to a whole new level.