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Toastmasters (SALUT)


These are the tours available for 2019.


Want to see what archaeologists do when they come back from a dig? The archaeology labs in the Department of Anthropology have artifacts from Paleolithic Egypt and South Africa, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Jordan and Hungary, and ancient British Columbia. In these labs, students are working on prehistoric stone tools, pottery, and even microscopic "artifacts" in soil samples from ancient surfaces that tell us, for example, how people used the spaces inside their houses.


This year our Faculty is launching new summer programming for youth from grade 4-7 (see: The theme this is “Drones in the City”; we will explore the potential of this disruptive technology and how the city design might respond to this potential. As a sneak preview and as part of the U of T Bring Our Children to Work Day 2019, we will have the kids build a massing block city and have turns flying a drone through it.

Astronomy & Astrophysics

The tour will include a planetarium show and tour of the St George Campus observatory. During the planetarium show we will explore the Toronto night sky and the solar system. At the observatory we will look at the two permanent telescopes located in domes on the 16th floor of the McLennan Physical Laboratories and weather permitting look at the Sun through our solar telescopes. Note that the trip up to the telescopes includes walking upstairs from the 14th floor to the 16th floor and the telescope domes are unheated, so if it is cold, we recommend bring a coat.

Campus Police

Come get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the University of Toronto Campus Community Police! Participants will get a chance to meet special constables, learn about policing, try on our uniform and test out some of our tools (police vehicle, bikes, radio and duty belt). Learn about evidence collection and try gathering some suspicious fingerprints.


CRASH, BANG, GOOP!! Come watch us freeze, heat, and blow stuff up! And explain why. Then we will check out an undergraduate lab and do some cool chemistry!

Please note the department would like to give preference to children who have not attended this tour in the past.

Computer Science

Children will have a chance to tour the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Project) Lab, to see and experience the cutting-edge computer graphics and human-computer interaction research being conducted within the computer science department. The visit will consist of a lab tour, as well as presentations and interactive demonstrations.


We will provide you with a fascinating explanation of Dentistry. We help to deliver happy, healthy SMILES. Come and learn to be a dentist, we will allow you to carry out some clinical activities just like our dental students.

Donnelly Centre

At the Donnelly Centre, researchers study everything from worms to stem cells using custom built robotics, powerful databases, and high resolution microscopes. Having all these tools and ideas in one place allows us to better understand how the human body works.

Come tour this unique Centre where you will get to join its researchers in your own experiment. Using things commonly found in your home to isolate your own DNA and find out what makes you uniquely YOU!

Earth Sciences

Discover planet Earth and the many things you can learn from it! See how mountains grow, what causes an earthquake and do some gold panning! Take a trip back in time to billions of years ago, way before the dinosaurs roamed, to see exciting fossils, minerals and the oldest water and rocks ever discovered!


Plants take energy from the sun and turn it into plant tissue.
Humans eat plants or other things that ate plants somewhere along the food chain, so you are running on energy produced by the sun.

Plants grow in many environments that differ in the amount of rainfall, sunlight and temperature.
-What do plants need to grow?
-Why are they important to us?
-Some insects eat plants and some plants “eat” insects

Come see our collection of plants in the desert, palm, temperate and tropical houses.

Faculty of Information (formerly iSchool)

Build Your Own Soft Game Controller: Using materials like play-doh, kids will design their own working video game controllers. After roughly 15 minutes of design activity, the kids will get a chance to try out retro games like Tetris and PAC-MAN with their new controllers.

Hart House

Hart House has been recognized as the centre for the re-imagination and reinvention of the undergraduate student experience at the University of Toronto. It’s a place that welcomes both campus and community to explore cultural, intellectual and recreational activities. Aside from a wide array of events, lectures, live music and performances, Hart House offers classes for every interest.

Take in Hart House’s stunning neo-Gothic building, which houses a range of impressive rooms for study, dining, recreation and socializing, a modern athletics and aquatics facility, the acclaimed Justina M. Barnicke Art Gallery, a dynamic theatre, complete wedding, meeting and event services, as well as the top-rated Gallery Grill restaurant.

On your tour you’ll get crafty designing your own buttons to take home, have a chance to play some board games as well as get moving in a fun physical activity component led by one of our fitness centre staff.


Biomedical engineers study cells and tissues in order to figure out how to make parts of the body work normally. Examine cells and tissues using a microscope, look at DNA and protein (the ‘blueprint’ and ‘Lego’ of the body), and analyze ‘pretend’ blood.


“Objection, Your Honour!”  “Overruled!”  Step into the world of lawyers, judges, and courtrooms with an exciting visit to the Faculty of Law.  Students will participate in a fast-paced and fun game of “Who Wants to be a Lawyer?” gaining a brief introduction to law.  Students will also have the opportunity to hone their potential lawyering skills and put their critical thinking skills to the test by participating in a mock trial.  Be a lawyer for a day and join us at the Faculty of Law!


Come to the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy’s Patheon Pharmaceutics Laboratory, where chemistry and physics come together in order to make drug formulations. Try making your own hair gel, see tablets being made in a real lab-scale tablet press, and make your own chromatography flowers. The fun in our pharmaceutics lab never ends!


Explore magnetic levitation, waves and motors in one our first-year physics laboratories.  Professor David Bailey will speak about what a physicist does and what kind of research goes on in our department.  You can see our superconducting levitating train close-up, which is cooled to nearly 200 degrees below zero using liquid nitrogen.  We will explore the phenomenon of standing waves, and participants will get a chance to build and keep the world’s simplest electric motor.



CRASH, BANG, GOOP!! Come watch us freeze, heat, and blow stuff up! And explain why. Then we will check out an undergraduate lab and do some cool chemistry!

Please note the department would like to give preference to children who have not attended this tour in the past.