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Below are some reviews from children who participated in the tours in 2018:


Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry, and IBBME

Two children who visited Ecology and Evolutionary Biology created a website and video of their experience in the Student Communications office. Click here for more information, and to check out their website!


“Today I had a lot of fun. We visited 2 laboratories, an animal laboratory and a chair laboratory. In the chair laboratory we saw pots and other stuff used by humans. In the animal laboratory I saw a lot of animal bones and skulls.”

“I saw different types of animals, also I saw bugs on the leaves.”

“My favourite parts were the bones and skeletons.”


Astronomy & Astrophysics

“Today I had a lot of fun. My favourite part was the planetarium because I think space is really cool and I also like looking at the CN Tower.”

“Well I loved it. I loved every single thing.”

“Today’s event was amazing! My favourite part was the planetarium!”

“It was very interesting and very fun!”

“Very interesting way of presenting the planets. The telescopes were cool!”


Campus Police

“My favourite part was playing with the handcuffs and lights and siren from the police car.”

“The tour was fun. Parts I liked were the breaking and entering mock crime scene, the bikes and cars, and the equipment.”

“My favourite part was when we dusted for finger prints.”



“It was FUN! My favourite part was when the 4 students used Helium and Hydrogen to do experiments. I also liked when I had the frozen ice cream. A cool part was when the teacher mixed Mentos with coke.”

“We blew up a banana and a flower too!”

“I really liked that we got to watch experiments and also DO some experiments.”

“The chemistry tour was very enjoyable! My favourite part of the experience was painting with vinegar and lemon juice onto a cabbage juice paper base.”

“It was great! I especially loved the part where I got to see a balloon filled with hydrogen explode up close.”

“I had a great time and learned a lot. My favourite part was when we froze the whipped cream and turned it into ice cream.”


Civil Engineering

“I had a great day. I liked the model of the land and how it gets contaminated and what affects it.”

“The pH testing was my favourite part. I’d like to test more things!”


Computer Science

“My favourite part was when we got to play the video games the grad students made.”

“We went to play video games that the student made. I really enjoyed that part!”

“I really enjoyed the Computer Science tour! I liked seeing and playing all the video games that the students made, and I think I’ll consider taking Computer Science in university!”



“The student that taught me was called Jackie. She was the nicest person in the world and always made me feel welcome. She helped me take pictures of me as I was using super cool instruments. It was so fun!”

“Today I got to work on a fake patient as the dentist and the assistant. I got a mold of a mouth as a souvenir. I had lots of fun and I can’t wait to come back next year!”


Donnelly Centre

“I loved being able to isolate my DNA and I also like the trivia. I also like decoding with the codons.”

“Today was a very fun day! I extracted DNA from my cheek and put it in a necklace.”

“My day was amazing. I thought doing DNA testing was lovely. I learned a great many facts, like all the DNA in our bodies could go to the moon and back 6000 times! My favourite part was when we got to put our very own DNA in special amulets, our DNA could probably last for 5000 years. It’s absolutely splendid!”

“I liked how there was a lot to do and you see how DNA works and knowing how much there is in even just your cheek.”

“I enjoyed the different activities and learning experiences. The staff were really kind and helpful.”


Earth Sciences

“Today we learned about different kinds of rocks and minerals, and learned how mountains form. My favourite part was looking at different rocks and minerals and making mountains.”

“I really liked Earth Sciences, we did a lot of things but my favourite thing was when we pushed sand and made a mountain destroying a village.”

“I really liked it. It was fun and I liked how we got to learn about the Arabian Plate and Indian Plate and about rocks and minerals.”


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

“What I enjoyed:
- Going into the Brazil (hot) greenhouse and then into the Canada (chilly) greenhouse.
- Looking at the ice plant under a microscope.
- Looking at the plants that moved (ie: Venus flytrap).
- Watching the turtles and the bearded dragon
Thank you for letting me come to work!”

“My favourite part was I got my own plant. We got to go through the greenhouses and I made a new friend.”



"My favourite part was seeing the bees in the greenhouse"


Hart House

“I had a great time in the Hart House. We started by playing games and making pins, then took a tour of the building! I enjoyed walking around learning about the Hart House.”



“It was very good. We got to use interesting microscopes.”

“My favourite part was looking at the glowing bacteria with the UV light, also I liked testing the fake blood to see if it was healthy.”

“My favourite parts are: 1) when we used the microscope to identify red blood cells; 2) when we discovered which blood was diseased and which blood was natural; 3) when they showed us the transparent chicken hearts.”

“I liked the prosthetic arm building and I thought that the 3D printer was awesome.”

“I liked when we used a microscope to look at cells.”



“Good, though Dorothy is clearly guilty.”

“I liked how we pretended we were in court and we were in a real situation. I also like how they made it seem like we were actually part of it.”

“I really liked law. We did a fake trial from a scene from the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy put water on the witch and made her melt. There were two sides, the crown side (the side that against Dorothy) and the defense side (which tried to prove Dorothy innocent). I was the Lion one of the witnesses. My side won the jury chose my side innocent.”



“It was fun. We got to try out doctor tools which was very cool.”

“My favourite part about today was examining and playing with medical objects.”

“The technology was very interesting!”

“I got to test my reflexes and my group mate’s reflexes with a reflex hammer. We used it on the tendon, I have really strong reflexes!”

“My favourite part was when we got to try to use the tools on other kids.”

“My favourite part was taking blood pressure.”



“I went to nursing. It was great!”

“It was awesome! I loved testing the high tech mannequin Charles.”

“The staff were very helpful and patient. My favourite part of the tour was when we washed our hands with a special type of hand cream that shows all the germs that you didn’t wash off. When I saw all the germs I now know that washing your hands is very important. The patients we had to take care of were very high-tech. They could talk and make noises. Overall, I really enjoyed the tour!”

“I enjoyed learning more about myself, because I got to measure my heart rate, temperature, and my respiratory rate. I also liked looking at the average vital signs for different ages of people. This has been an eye opening experience! I enjoyed learning about nursing!”

“My day was amazing! We trained for nursing which is a hard job!”



“Today when I went to the Pharmacy tour I had a lot of fun. We made gummy-bear-shaped crayons and made ‘elephant toothpaste’.”

“Today was really cool. I loved making the crayon gummy bear.”



“Really fun! Changed my mind and now I was to do/study physics when I’m older!”

“Physics was so much fun, now I want to study physics when I’m older.”

“My favourite part was dealing with the nitrogen and making the nitrogen power the trains.”

“The motor we made was cool.”

“I liked the conductor on the track and the motors.”



“I thought that Rotman was a good tour and each participant got a turn to speak. I personally talked about how I lived in Barrie and so there was different architecture.”

“My favourite part was the view from the 9th floor.”

“At Rotman we had a great discussion about improvements and in creative destruction lab we brainstormed about a wireless charger and I had a great time.”

“I liked making a business!”