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Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month

“Celebrate It” 10, 000 Steps Challenge for Staff at U of T

Did you know that people who walk on a regular basis have increased muscle strength, higher energy levels and improved health and well-being? Walking helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Health professionals recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day to achieve those benefits.

So, get ready to move, because in October 2018 we are launching a 10,000 Step Challenge for staff at U of T!

You can do it! There are lots of ways to sneak more steps into your day. Take the stairs, walk at lunch or on your coffee break. Get off the subway one or two stops early. Have a walking meeting. Walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of sending an email. And walk your way to a free team lunch!


Team Challenge/Prizes

Every day in October, team members take 10,000 steps (# of total steps divided by # of team members) and the team is then eligible to win either:

  • One Uber Eats lunch* in the office for the team with the highest average number of steps
  • One Uber Eats lunch* in the office for the team with the second highest average number of steps
  • One Uber Eats lunch* for 2 participating teams to be drawn randomly

*Maximum total value of team lunch is $100. Sorry, only participants are included!