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The Art of Getting Things Done: Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips for Your Everyday Life (Time Management Books)
Title:      The Art of Getting Things Done: Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips for Your Everyday Life (Time Management Books)
BookID:      w141.7.1
Authors:      Stephen D. Walker
ISBN-10(13):      9781508779919
Publisher:      CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date:      2015-03-07
Edition:      1st
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
DISCOVER:: How to Become More Vibrant at Work And Life Do you want to become more productive but don't know how? Your willingness to buy this book alone proves that you are already motivated. All you need is some proper guidance to crack that "CODE". MOTIVATION + DETERMINATION + HACKS = PRODUCTIVITY You already have the motivation and determination to become more productive. What you need is some guidance along with a few tips. Here's where this book will help you. You are constantly trying to overcome procrastination, trying to fix your routine and yet there are a few loopholes you are trying to fix. Are You struggling To Find Time To Do What You Really Want To do? Most of us don't know how to maximize time and have no clue when it comes to time management. We don't know how to get 30 hrs of work done in a regular 24 hr day. Well, don't despair, there are certainly more ways than one to learn all about it. Most successful people bank on the truth that a person can easily learn many time management skills in no time and squeeze an extra 4 hrs of productivity into the usual 24 hr day. You Want To Manage Your Time More effectively But don't Know How? Time is a currency that we all want to maximize, this book without question will help you to enhance your time management skills so that you can effectively manage your schedule and get more done in less time. The book contains proven steps on how to achieve more even if all your resources are limited. - Do you want to get more done with time to spare? - Do you want to learn all the foolproof tips that will help you to stick to your schedule? - Do You want to learn all the tricks that will gain you on average 10 extra hours per week? - Do you want to learn the secrets to actually get things done and beat procrastination forever? - Do you want to learn how to get organized without losing your creativity? - Do you want to learn how to master the guilt-free-work-life balance? - Do You Want To learn how to master multiple projects and ideas? - Do you want to identify and eliminate all time wasters? - Do you want to build effective time management habits?