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Organizing Information

Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 01:00pm - 04:00pm

Explore how to organize electronic and paper based information and create effective folder systems to find what you need when you need it.  You will be introduced to:

  • Search and Rules features of Outlook
  • Best practices for maintaining folder systems
  • Tracking systems for short and long term tasks, including a Master to-do list and a 1-31 system
  • Formulating clear and realistic action plans.



All participants will need to complete 5 minutes of pre-work for “Organizing information”.  Please bring a list of 10 consecutive, unedited emails to the workshop.  These emails will be used to examine the relative importance of the various emails we receive.


  • Start at a random time during any given day, say 10 a.m. and compile a list of the first 10 emails you receive
  • You don’t necessarily need to print the whole email out. While the specific content of each email is not important, it is important that you’re able to identify if action is required on your part (or not) and the relative importance of the action. If you’re able to determine/remember this simply by the subject line, you may want to just print out the list of what’s in your Inbox.  If not, you may want to print of the whole email.
  • Don’t edit the list. If junk, jokes or fyi email arrive, leave them in as part of the 10 email received.
  • This will remain CONFIDENTIAL – you will not be required to disclose any information about the email except if action was required on your part. Who it’s from, what the action is, etc. will not be disclosed.


Location: ODLC Room 610
Presenter: Doug Heidebrecht