These career tools are designed to assist you, as U of T administrative staff, to identify potential career paths and to conduct a job search.


How can I find out if my skills qualify me for different careers at the University? The Skills Assessment helps you to identify the breadth of skills you possess. It identifies the skills categories and potential career paths that you might consider.

How can I develop my skills? Complete the Skills Development Worksheet (PDF) and the Career Development Plan (PDF) for a process for developing skills.

How do I conduct a job search? To conduct a job search you need an up-to-date resume, cover letter and preparation for the interview.  Begin by preparing a resume and cover letter targeted to the job posting. Include key words and a format that best conveys your strengths, experience, and expertise. You can find guides to create Resumes & Cover Letters and samples of different formats.

Interview Preparation is the key to performing effectively in the interview. By learning about the department, anticipating questions and identifying good questions to ask, you will present yourself as a well-prepared candidate.

How does networking help in the job search? Networking is connecting with others to create personal contacts who will provide support, insight and feedback. Find out more about Networking Your Way around the University (PDF).

Career Podcasts

These Websites provide further information about resumes, interviews and questioning techniques: