We've provided links to a variety of quizzes to help you assess your work/life.

Assess Your Mental Health Meter
Assessing our mental health is not as simple to do as measuring our physical health. There are no scales or endurance tests that rate mental fitness. But with the help of the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Meter, you can reflect on your unique strengths and identify areas where your level of mental fitness could be improved to help you cope with all of life's up and downs.

Mood Disorders: Check Up from the Neck Up
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This simple, online, private, mental health check-up can identify some symptoms of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder so you can get help if you need it. You can also learn more about mood disorders and find resources to help yourself, your family members, or friends.

Healthy Habits
Healthy Measures introduces the concept of new ways for women to measure their health and also promotes new healthier measures or steps that women can take to better their health, without focusing on weight loss. Healthy Measures is based on a three-pronged approach of being active, eating well and being yourself.

There are a wide variety of materials available to help you adopt new measures for your health, including a self-assessment quiz, tips sheets, affirmations and a progress monitoring chart.

How Good is Your Time Management? Discover time management tools that can help you excel.
Take this self-test quiz to identify the aspects of time management that you need most help with. The results will point you to the specific tools that will help you to work more efficiently.

Stress Tips
18 Tips for Dealing With Stress and Tension
Reprinted with permission from the Canadian Mental Health Association Coping with Stress Mini-Site.

Screening Tool: Happiness
This survey is designed to provide a quick assessment of your current level of happiness and satisfaction with various areas of your life. However, no test is 100% accurate. No matter what your score is, you should seek help if you have any concerns about yourself or your loved ones. This is the Satisfaction with Life Scale, devised by psychologist Edward Diener, a founding father of happiness research.