How to Register


To Register for courses you, as U of T appointed administrative staff, will require: Your U of T Personnel Number, your Date of Birth and your Departmental Cost and Fund Centre Numbers.

Important: Please read

ODLC and Computer courses, except Work/life and Career( maximize your career), require your CC and CFC numbers. This indicates permission from your manager/supervisor to register for the course.
Any Fees or Cancellation Fees will be charged to the department. See Fees/Cancellation Policy for rates.


Affiliates are defined as staff at one of the U of T federated colleges (St.Michael, Victoria and Trinity college) or hospitals and UTEMP.

To Register for courses at ODLC, find a course that you would like to attend and then please fill out the form (U OF T AFFILIATE REGISTRATION) at the top of the register form page.


As U of T appointed administrative staff, go to the course description on the course calendar, click Register. Enter your U of T personnel number, date of birth, and your Departmental Cost Centre CC# and Fund Centre CFC# available from your manager or business officer.

Technical issues

If a page shows 'passing through' or loops back to registration, your personnel number has been entered incorrectly
If your personnel number. begins with 0's, do not enter the 0's. Also, check your cost and fund center to make sure they are in the right box.

Click Register for the desired date
On the Confirmation of Registration screen click 'Confirm' to confirm booking or 'Back" to request another course date.

The screen will indicate you are registered in the course, or placed on the wait list. You will receive an email confirmation with course details.

Contact the Website Coordinator Luke Pereira or at 416 946-3061 if you require assistance.