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As a manager, you can discuss plans with ODLC consultants to have your team session or retreat facilitated. Contact Cate Walker Hammond at 416-978-3927.



What our Clients say...


Our staff enjoyed attending Team Sessions facilitated by ODLC consultants. The sessions enriched our newfound understanding of each other. As a result we overcame conflict and worked more cohesively to achieve more than we thought possible. I encourage every Business Officer/Manager at UofT to talk to ODLC about your team building objectives and discover the resources they have to help you achieve them.

  • Here is a sampling of topics that can be tailored to fit your team's needs:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
    Engage the team in a process that asks, "what is working well and how do we build on it?"
  • Resiliency for Teams
    Explore resiliency tips that help when teams are under pressure.

  • Work/Life Balance
    Explore how team members can create a healthier work environment by balancing their work and personal lives more effectively.

  • Time & Stress Management
    Explore strategies that assist team members to manage their time and stress.
  • Strategic Planning
    Establish a framework consisting of vision, mission and goals to help guide the team.

  • Change Management
    Explore the impact of
    change on team members and learn how to navigate transitions during change.
  • Keeping Teams Vital
    Learn creative and practical ways to keep the team vital and engaged.
  • Work Styles
    Engage in a discussion of team members strengths relating to their work style and how their differences
    can enable team success.