Work-Life Events are offered throughout the year covering a range of topics such as emotional and mental health, fitness, nutrition, and financial wellness.


Nutrition Series with Homewood Health (webinar format) NEW! 2017
Join us for a series of 3 webinars focusing on improving your nutritional knowledge and habits. You are welcome to attend one or more of these webinars.

Commit to Self-Care and a More Balanced Life Series NEW! 2017

Three dynamic speakers - Susan Sommers, Debra Joy Eklove, and Kirsten Bedard - share their tools and insights for managing stress and accessing innate well-being through nutrition, exercise, and spirituality.


Mindfulness Meditation Classes NEW! 2017

Mindfulness Meditation is a community of meditation practitioners at the University of Toronto, providing a welcoming space for all staff who are interested in the practice of meditation.


Academy of Well-Being NEW! 2017

Join us for this series featuring U of T experts who are not only doing leading edge research into the most important factors that contribute to your well-being, but are also gifted communicators and presenters.

Undiscovered Campus Walks - Registration open

Bring a camera or your sandwich for a lunch hour exploration of some quirky and offbeat places on campus. We will enjoy very casual walks and talks as we will tour the places that never feature in guide books or brochures yet sometimes make the grade as backdrops in Hollywood feature films.

Managing Your Personal Finances - Recording available

Do you find it difficult to get ahead financially?  Have you always intended to take control of your finances but never knew how?  This series of 3 webinars will support you in taking control of your financial health. including reducing taxes, budgeting and debt management

Roadmap to Retirement Series – Recordings available

A 3 part series offered to staff 55 years and over to prepare for retirement. Sessions included U of T Pension provisions, Financial planning for retirement and the emotional effects of retirement.