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At the University of Toronto, we understand the challenge of maintaining a positive and healthy balance between personal, work and family life.  As a Top 100 Employer we strive to create policies and programs that support a flexible and healthy workplace.  We will work with staff and managers to implement flexible work arrangements where operationally possible.

Some flexible workplace options include:

  • Flexible schedule
    This is an arrangement whereby employees can vary the scheduling of their working hours within specified guidelines.  Allows an employee to determine or be involved in determining the start and end times of their working day.
  • Compressed work week
    An arrangement whereby employees work longer shifts in exchange for a reduction in the number of working days in their work cycle (i.e. on a weekly or biweekly basis) Reduces commuting time, reduces days required to be on the job without reducing income. Can be configured in a variety of ways i.e. 5 days in 4, 3 day weekend every other week, 1 day off per month etc…
  • Telecommuting
    An arrangement whereby an employee on a periodic basis fulfills his or her job responsibilities at a remote location which is not operated by the employer – usually an employee’s residence, but could also be at a satellite location.
  • Job sharing
    Job sharing occurs when two or more people share one job.  It is a formalized situation where both individuals clearly understand how duties will be shared, performed, how holidays and benefits will be arranged etc… It is very important that those in a job sharing situation work effectively as a team and communicate well
  • Reduced appointment
    An arrangement whereby an employee reduces his or her appointment with an accompanying reduction in salary and benefits

To book a consultation please contact Teresa Scannell